Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about Match Financing? You came to the right place. If you can not find an answer to you question here, feel free to email or call us at 877-530-7723.

Frequent Borrower Questions

Is this service free?
There is no charge for a borrower or Preferred Partner to use the Match Financing site. However, it is important to know that lender, closing, and/or broker fees may apply when a loan is successfully closed. .
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How many lenders will contact me?
The Match Financing website will typically match you with up to 5 lenders that meet your loan profile and then our team will work with you to find the lender that fits best with your loan needs. Term sheets to be provided for your review.
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Frequent Lender Questions

What information do borrowers see when making a decision to request contact from a lender?
Each lender in our database can create a profile of their institution. Information we collect includes assets under management, special designations for your company (e.g., SBA Lender, SBIC Insured), a short business summary, your geographic lending preferences, and more.
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What does Match Financing cost?
There is no cost to be a Preferred Lender on the Match Financing website. Typically Match Financing does not charge a fee per lead. In most cases, Match Financing is compensated only on successfully closed borrower loans via a fee agreement and/or a commercial mortgage broker agreement.
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Are there any minimum purchase amounts?
Typically Match Financing does not sell leads and you are never obligated to purchase leads. Match Financing, or one of its lending affiliates, will work directly with your company to deliver quality, pre-screened borrowers that match your lending profile.
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Can I get a credit or refund if the borrower’s contact information is not correct or if they have substantially mis-represented their company on the site?
Match Financing tries very hard to ensure that all data input into the system (from both the borrower and the lender) is accurate, but we do recognize that there will be situations where the information provided by a borrower may not, upon further verification by a lender, merit being considered a qualified lead. In those situations, lenders do have the ability to submit a request for a credit to their account.
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How many times is each lead sold?
Match Financing does not sell leads or borrower’s data. The Match Financing team, or one of its affiliates, will typically work up to five lenders to ensure that you are receiving a very selective and qualified lead for each loan request matched on our system.
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If you have any questions that weren’t covered here or would like to provide us with feedback to help make Match Financing better, please contact us.

- The Match Financing Team

What we do

Develop New Relationships

We provide banks, non-bank lenders, and credit unions with an easy and effective way to develop new business banking relationships with small and medium-sized businesses.

Customized Targeting

Using our simple tools, lenders can create targeted searches based on over 30 different business and owner attributes to identify exactly the types of prospects they are seeking.

Active and Passive Lead Generation

You can proactively express interest in a borrower or wait to receive inquiries from companies who have been matched with your institution based on their own loan request details and personal preferences.

How we do it

Proprietary Matching Tools

We use proprietary tools and forms to help match you with exactly the types of borrowers you are seeking so that your sales and marketing efforts generate the highest possible ROI.

Powerful and Intelligent

We have created a suite of tools that includes prospect mapping, automated pipeline funnels, and customizable search queries to facilitate the business development function and save you time.

Total Control

We provide you access to qualified business borrowers across the country. Our team will package and deliver to you business owners seeking financing and who meets your loan criteria.