Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequent Borrower Questions

Is this service free?
In a word, yes! Borrowers never pay anything to get matched with lenders.
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How many lenders will contact me?
Match Financing typically limits the number of lenders that can contact you to five.
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How do I update my business information?
You can update your profile and lending needs 24/7/365 by signing in to Match Financing and clicking on the appropriate link on your borrower dashboard.
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Frequent Lender Questions

What information do borrowers see when making a decision to request contact from a lender?
Each lender in our database can create a profile of their institution. Information we collect includes assets under management, special designations for your company (e.g., SBA Lender, SBIC Insured), a short business summary, your geographic lending preferences, and more.
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What does Match Financing cost?
Pricing ranges between $2-$99 per lead, and the price for each lead is displayed in the 'lead price' column of your matched leads. Lead pricing is based on a proprietary lead quality score developed by Match Financing. The score incorporates the 'freshness' of the lead, quality and size of the borrower, and other factors important to lenders
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Are there any minimum purchase amounts?
You are never obligated to purchase leads. You can decide how many leads you wish to purchase each month and you will also be able to see all of the borrower’s details, except for identifying contact information, prior to purchasing a lead.
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Can I get a credit or refund if the borrower’s contact information is not correct or if they have substantially mis-represented their company on the site?
Match Financing tries very hard to ensure that all data input into the system (from both the borrower and the lender) is accurate, but we do recognize that there will be situations where the information provided by a borrower may not, upon further verification by a lender, merit being considered a qualified lead. In those situations, lenders do have the ability to submit a request for a credit to their account.
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How many times is each lead sold?
Match Financing will not sell a borrower’s data to more than five lenders to ensure that you are receiving a very selective and qualified lead for each purchase you make on the system.
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If you have any questions that weren’t covered here or would like to provide us with feedback to help make Match Financing better, please contact us.

- The Match Financing Team